Our passion for helicopters combined with our sense of design, performance and safety turn production helicopters into Black Widow masterpieces. Combining 21st-century technology, aesthetic design and robust performance, we bring a new level of exclusivity to the ultra-luxury market.

Unrestricted. Unlimited

Well-designed, luxurious and with the signature “immediate wow factor”, we custom redesign and complete helicopter interiors exclusively to Black Widow.

An Ultra-Luxurious Cabin

Sophisticated luxury and bespoke detailing endowed with true “VVIP” characteristics while at the same time offering an extremely convivial environment.

Sign of Quality

The cockpit is finalized with the exclusive Black Widow Glass Cockpit and Sign of Quality data plate. This sign symbolizes the promise that each helicopter is unique, and the handcrafted interior is to the highest possible standards by using the finest materials, newest technologies and bespoke engineering.